Thursday, October 4, 2007

Off to meet the Broom Jockey and the Columbus Twoofers.

You're home of the Columbus Blue Jackets .......

........or maybe not. Maybe listening to Alex Jones quite frequently has muddy'ed my brain. I thought it was like 84%, or 36% or some other nonsensical percentage of the American population that bought into 9/11 kookloonery. I guess I was lied to. WHO KNEW??!!?? And here I figured the Broom Jockey's presentation would be in a large arena. Guess not. It was on the 3rd floor of this drab building.

And across the street we have the projects....

I'd like to take this time to apologize for not taking any pictures of the crackheads in the area or the liquor store around the corner.

I'll admit it. I'm surprised this nutter has a decent automobile.

Just a janitor? Well fuck me!! I was wrong!!

Check it out. The broom jockey can take money and hand out change. Slick Willie has cashiering experience. Atta boy. Fatten that wallet, big guy. (I know I'm not a fan of the Jref'ers, but I know they love this shot. Kudos to me.)

I reckon I am just a dumb hillybilly from Wes' Virginy after all.

I'll be dammed. Here I thought the truth was free. Reckon I was wrong. I want to thank the Broom Jockey and Columbus Twoofers for setting my feeble mind straight.

Orwell rolls in his grave?

For what it's worth.

They'll take your money

The kooky bitch looks somewhat normal, but this other feller....I dunno. He surely was a fascinating specimen. I can't figure out if he was immediately heading out for some 3 on 3 basketball or some high speed boat racing racing after the event.

Amish twoofers?

Fuck if I know. You decide.

Man or ape?

I thought I had just taken a picture of the Broom Jockey. However, it's appears quite probable I'm mistaken. I'm not sure if one the of the Columbus twoofers tricked me. Maybe it was just one of the NWO minions conning my camera into taking a snapshot of famed 80's carton idol, Grape Ape. I'll have to get with famed 9/11 researcher, Killtown, on this phenomenon.

It's not 7:00 yet. The broom jockey hangs around to accept more cash.

SON OF A BITCH!!! Give Willie some of your allowance and/or welfare money!! Step up!

Random photo of dingbat twoofers.

Minutes later, I had the priviledge of asking the Einstein in the light blue shirt (far right) if a mishill hit da Pentagon. He assured me that was the case. Sweet Lord...excuse me while I take a few minutes to cleanse my brain.

More of the scrawny fucker in the muscle shirt with the kooky glasses.

I can't get enough of this freak with goofy fucking glasses, can I? Also pictured is a a pony-tailed whackjob for your viewing enjoyment.

Here we have a sexually confused Columbus twoofer.

This feller is a regular at the 9/11 Columbus twoof meetings. Something tells me he's not too successful with the ladies. Notice his patented blonde mohawk. Aint it cute? Spwed dat twoof...FWEEEAK!!